Saturday, September 15, 2007

A busy week....

This week has been really busy with all of the emotions in the spectrum. First, Samuel's friend in Vietnam will be leaving soon. His parents received travel approval and will be picking him up October 1st. I am excited for them but very sad and upset for my baby. On the bright side, we will be allowed to send him a photo album of our family so that he can see us and be ready for us.
The middle of the week turned into a frenzy of comings and goings and now it is the weekend. We spent last night hanging out with my dad while my mom is out of town. Then this morning I played in our church league softball tournament. Let me assure you, I am totally out of shape. My legs are throbbing and all I'm doing is sitting!!! This afternoon the kids and I went to a skeet shoot for our church. Blake shot a "real" gun for the first time and he is hooked. He has a BB gun and has begged me to take him hunting, but I have put him off. Now that he can shoot a 410 I suppose I will be taking him along. My shoulder has been added to the hurting list because I shot so much. I do believe I will be taking a heavy dose of Tylenol before bed.

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Bill, Paula & Will Cook said...

We'll be praying for Samuel as his friend leaves VN, that God will protect his sweet heart and get it ready for his new family! :)