Saturday, April 5, 2008

Some of the most beautiful words...

Today my son said some of the most beautiful words. He actually prayed outloud tonight. Now of course it was coached, but to hear him say "Thank you Jesus" was music to my ears. And then when I put him to bed to hear him say 'I Love you" Boy am I on cloud nine tonight.
Samuel is doing so well. He smiles ALL the time and really loves to ham things up. I have decided he is our clown. I try not to label my kids, but he really does have the comic personality.
Blake and Grace are getting ready for ball and of course he wants to be right up in the middle of it. He puts on his little glove and loves to throw the ball with you. I hope I can keep him contained during my softball games. That ought to be fun!! Our life has adjusted so well that it seems like he has been here forever. Thank you Lord for the blessings of all three of my sweet children. I could not ask for a great priveledge than raising them.

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