Saturday, August 23, 2008

I am blessed!

Children are a special blessing from the heart of God!

I tell you I am the most blessed woman around. Today is my 28Th birthday and my daughter tells me I am getting old! (Ha!) Anyway, even though I am "old" I have had the most spectacular birthday. Last night my seven year old son threw me the most wonderful surprise party. He has been working for weeks to get in touch with all of my friends (all three of them) and invite them to the party.

My friend Beth came by at about 5 to pick me up and take me to town. When we return my friend Sunshine and her family are pulling up. We walk in and as I make it to the living room my kids jump out and yell "Surprise." Well, this was fablous. They had decorated the dining room, had an ice cream cake and even had a pinata and pin the tail on the donkey! Unfortunately Blake got mixed up in his times and my friend Heather and her kids didn't arrive until 7:00 (we got started at 6, oops). Anyway, it was an absolute blast and I am blessed to have kids who care so much about their momma that they work for weeks to plan this surprise. You have to look at the pics below!

This is the pinata my sweet son made for me. Sorry can't figure out how to turn the pic.

Here is the donkey from "Pin the tail on the donkey."

Samuel's first birthday party! I think he likes the cake.

All nine of the sweet children who were in attendance.

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Jill and Andy said...

Happy Birthday- 28 is SO NOT OLD! Looks like you had a great day!!! Jill