Thursday, October 16, 2008

A New Look

So I finally took time to figure this thing out. I am still not a computer whiz, but I have been able to make my blog a little more attractive. (At least I think so.)

Well this weekend is a big deal for us. Grace will be dancing during her daddy's half-time show and Blake will be playing the bells. These two have been to band functions since they were infants and so they are both ready to join the fun. Since bringing Samuel home Jim has been more open to having them at reherseals. This has allowed time for just me and Sam, but now he is getting the itch. He goes around singing band tunes and calling his brother and sister to attention. It is quite cute.

Speaking of getting the itch... I am ready to start the adoption process for our little girl. There is only one slight problem: CASH. Does anyone out there have an extra $26,000 they might would like to part with. It's for a good cause I promise. I have found the most adorable little girl in Armenia. I found her through a friend who had suggested looking at the children on Well, she is just adorable. She has a couple of "special needs" but I think would be perfect for our family. Her name is Hallie and she is 4. I do pray God would please show me exactly what His desire is in this situation.


Sarah said...

I like your new look. And your hair - I don't know that I've ever seen it short. It looks good!

Girl, I don't have an extra $26K stashed around, but I'll be praying that God leads you where He wills.

Glad Samuel is doing well after his outpatient procedure.


Jill and Andy said...

Love the new blog look! Wish mine looked this good!!!!
I wish we had the extra 26 K for you and for me- I am having the itch for a sis for Layne Nhi!!! Praying that things work out the way they are meant to be for your family!!!!!