Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm back...

Sorry I missed a couple of days on the posting. I have been staying with my mom at the hospital so she could sleep some. It looks like my Daddy may get to come home tomorrow. I sure hope so.

Well, I have a thanks and this one will count for today and the two days I missed. I am so thankful for my friend Heather. She is such a rock and helps out so much. She found out Thursday my dad was sick and called to see if she could help. I hadn't called her but since she asked I took her up. Now this is the woman with 5 children and about to pop number 6 any day. Here she is volunteering to take on my three as well. How awesome is she!!! So I drop off only two of the kids with her yesterday. I go back last night and not only does she have her 5 and my 2, she has someone else's 2!! Nine children and she never even bats an eye. I'm telling ya this girl is my hero!

Today was fun. We celebrated Blake's birthday by having a friend over. We took the kids for pizza and then came back to my parents farm and let them play. They practiced lassoing a cow, fed the fish, road in the boat and had a few rounds of target practice. We all really had a great time. It was such fun just to romp thru the pastures and enjoy the beauty of the day. I wish every day was like this one. Hope everyone else has a great weekend.

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