Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Well, today is my dad's 74th birthday. We had a small party for him with all of my siblings and his sisters. It was a fairly nice day and he seemed to enjoy it somewhat. It's tough because his mind is really slipping. After the party my mom asked him if he enjoyed his party and he didn't even know it was for him. His health is also very poor. He spent the entire day in the bed except for the short time he was at the party.
It's tough for all of us to watch him like this, but it is especially tough for my mom who is having to do everything for him. He gets up several times a night and she has to get up and pull him up and help him to where he wants to go. I stay as often as possible to help out, but with three children in tow it's hard. My brother also comes over as much as he can, but he works an hour away so his time is limited. I do ask for your prayers as we walk through this time. I know God is there to carry the burden, but at times it seems very overwhelming.
As for the kids, they are great. Grace loves being a helper to Papa and taking care of him. I think I may have a nurse in the making. Blake was recently on GPTV (PBS) and this has given him some fame. Lots of people comment about seeing him on tv. It has really boosted his ego. And Samuel, oh what to say! Tonight we watched the Wizard of Oz and of course it has some scary parts. Grace crawled on the couch with Granny, but Sam quickly informed me he was not scared. He would simply shoot the witch with his gun he got for his birthday! Glad the gun Blake is getting for Christmas comes apart. I will have to hide the shells!
Not sure who all reads my posts, but if you do, I love reading comments. Drop me a line or two.


Jill and Andy said...

Your dad is in our prayers, and I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas together!!!!

Leigh said...

I am keeping up with you. My prayers are certainly with you and your family this holiday.


Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

I will certainly step up the prayers, fervent prayers for you and your family.
Now, tell me more about Blake on TV!

Sabrina said...

I do read, but I don't always comment. I'll try to drop you a line more often. I will be praying for your daddy and all of you.