Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nguyen Thi Xuan Lieu

To this woman I will forever be greatful. This is Nguyen Thanh Tam's birthmother. This is the woman who carried our son for nine months and then cared for him for 5 days before giving him up for adoption. I know today her heart must be breaking just as my heart rejoices. She may never know how much we love this little joy who we call Samuel. The little boy whose face is all smiles and can make you laugh at anything. Our son who so easily fits in our family and seems as though we have always had him. We missed the first 3 and half years of his life, but yet it seems as though we haven't.
Thank you LORD for all those times Jim said no to adoption. Because had he said yes we would not have Samuel. Thank you for directing our steps in the process. Thank you for his loving birthmother who cared for him. Thank you for the nannies who took such great care of him and loved him. Thank you for bringing this wonderful blessing into our lives. I will forever be greatful to a woman I may never know.

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