Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Samuel Remembers

I have wondered how much about Vietnam that Samuel remembers. Well, as it turns out, a lot. Sunday when we got to my moms for lunch Samuel just out of the blue told my aunt that he was from Vietnam. I was pretty stunned because he doesn't often talk about it. Then today in the dentist office something came up about it and we began to dialogue. I asked him what he ate and he said fish and bottles. I asked about his toys and he told me he had a ball with all colors and a dog, a monkey and a bear. He told me there was no school just a house. He lived upstairs and slept in a bed that swings. When I asked about his mommy he told me that I came, but then left and I would come back later. Then I came back and we got in a car and drove away.

I was really amazed. All this stuff is from our trip to pick him up. The fish are goldfish and the ball was a beach ball we brought. The dog is the first thing we ever bought for him and we took it. He then called it a monkey for months. The bear is a beanie baby that they gave him as he left. He even called himself by his Vietnamese name. When we showed him pictures tonight he recognized his house and the stairs we climbed. He even pointed to one of the baby beds and told me that was his bed. He still didn't seem to recognize or remember any of the kids or nannies. However, I am encouraged my his remembering and talking about the days we came to get him. We will continue to talk and hopefully learn more.

In other news... We dropped off our paperwork to begin the foster/adoption process. I know this will be a very long and tedious process. I covet all of your prayers.


Anonymous said...

It is amazing at what kids can remember.I'll be praying for the foster/adoption process. By this time next year, you might really need the bus. Ha! Ha!
Love ya!


Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

What? Email me with've started the process again.

Sabrina said...

Wow! I had no idea you guys had done paperwork! I'm with Robbie, I want details.

It is wonderful that Samuel remembers. I had chills reading about it.

Heather said...

Oh how neat...I think it's wonderful that he has memories & is sharing them. A part of me wishes our boys had some memory of Vietnam. It is such a foreign concept of where they came from & how they got here...even at 8, they still don't quite "get it". Good luck on the sale of your home!

Heather M.