Saturday, May 9, 2009


We all know that kids learn by imitating what others do. Well, let me share our last imitation. Samuel has made his own deodorant stick out of a piece of paper. He gets it out each night just like big brother and puts it on after his shower. Tonight was the first night I noticed, but he's been doing this for a week or so now. It is quite funny.

Blake has also been doing a little imitating. This weekend he had two things scheduled at the same time. He had told his Granny he would go with her to a craft show. Then the coach said they were going to play a make-up game on Friday. This was a decision Blake would have to make. He chose to go with his Granny. His reasoning was that he had already given his word. Such an honorable young man, just like his father. Well, Jim decided that this time he could do both. So after the game, Jim drove Blake two hours to the craft show so he could spend the night with my mom and be there with her tomorrow.

As I reflect on this in the light of the upcoming holiday I marvel at how blessed I am. From the conception of Blake, Jim and I could have decided to take a completely different path. However, we decided to confess our sin and turn to God. And boy look at where He has brought us. I would never have imagined my life as full as it is now. My husband and kids really make my life here complete. Thank you Jesus for taking our mistake and making it Your blessing. Happy Mother's Day.


Sabrina said...

Amy, I am so glad you shared. Blake was no mistake. Isn't God good?

Anonymous said...

Isn't God awesome!!! Thank you God for your grace and mercy for all of us!

Heather D.