Friday, July 24, 2009

Sweet Words...

This week the children from our church have been gone to children's camp. This led to a discussion with Blake, on the way home Wednesday night, about how he would be old enough next year. He was pumped for about 5 minutes. Then he decided he wasn't going. I was like "What!" I knew he had been looking forward to it since kindergarten. So I asked why. His reply, "Because I'll miss you." Aww! I was almost brought to tears. This was extra meaningful because Blake has recently begun his shift to Daddy. I know that he's coming to that age where Daddy is more important to him than momma, but it's still not an easy transition on this momma's heart. Those words were golden and will forever be cherished by me.

On a lighter note, I can't remember if I shared a funny Samuel story so I will share it now. When Samuel came home we would tote him around all the time. Well we found out he could hang on without us even holding him, so it earned him the nickname "Monkey". After a while he got tired of it and would plainly state "No, only Samuel." So the other day he wanted something, but he couldn't have it. He kinda pouted and I said "Sorry Charlie." He looked straight back at me and said "I'm not Charlie. I'm Samuel." Too cute. Love the little things they say.

A quick Grace story. We are spending the weekend at my in-laws and Grace has taken it upon herself to bring her Bible and some verses from the Rome VBS and share them with Mama Kiki. She got out her Bible to read this morning. I pray that these children can change the heart of this devout Buddhist.

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