Monday, October 19, 2009

High School Fun...

Well, this weekend my husband took his band to a competition at my old high school. It was lots of fun to see folks I knew and my old band director. His high school was performing also, so he got to visit with his director a little. Ah, the memories. This week is Homecoming for his school. That too brings back lots of memories. This is a short posts, but I would like to hear some of your favorite high school memories.

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whitmattox said...

-Fooling 1/2 of the PC band into thinking that you were my sister.
-Prom both years (and the completely unneeded conversation that we had before my junior prom)
-A whole lot of band memories, too numerous to count
-A whole lot of drama memories
-Economics class with Mr. House
-Physical Science with Coach Todd