Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Big step...

Okay, I know I keep asking for prayer without much detail, but I want to ask again. We have put our house on the market hoping it will sell. We have decided that this was not the house for us because we want to do so much more for God, but can't while paying for this house. We are now content to live somewhere else (even a box if need be) in order to free up more assests to do God's work. Please pray the right buyer comes along SOON!! Thank you again for all your prayers. Merry Christmas!!!


Sabrina said...

That's awesome, Amy!!

Tina said...


Thru the holidays Alex kept talking about Samuel and wanting to see him! Can you send me some recent pictures of Samuel so I can show them to Alex?

I don't have your email address handy to email you..

Email me at