Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Canny, couldy, wouldy...

Last week a song was brought to my mind. It's a song from my childhood and I don't remember all the words, but what I do remember sounded like the title. The actual words were "Can He, Could He, Would He, Did He? Yes He can, He could, He would and He did." (Correct me if I'm wrong Robbie. My memory is fading. LOL!) So I go around singing just this much for days. And then I begin to really think about it. My God is so able to do whatever it is that I ask, but is it what he desires?

I have been really burdened for "my" Ruby Faith (okay, I can't link, but it's April 14, 2010) and have really sought God about this. I truly feel that this child is to be my daughter, but we are in no position to adopt again due to our finacial situation (read earlier posts.) So I continue to pray. Then in my bible study God keeps pointing out these passages on faith. The most recent I read was in Matthew when Jesus healed the two blind men and He says "According to your faith, be it done to you." That just really hit me. Am I lacking faith that God will work it out and provide? So then Sunday dawns and as I sit in the service Bro. Andy begins to preach on having faith. And boy does it hit me square between the eyes. So later in the day I had a question for him: "When do you know if you are stepping out on faith, or acting foolish?" I know that if we were to start an adoption people would most likely call us foolish (and maybe rightly so), but the Isrealites thought Moses was foolish, crazy, whatever when he had them step into the sea. However, it was only after they took that step of faith that God made clear the path.

So I say all of that to ask for prayer. I don't want to get ahead of God, but at the same time I don't want to miss the blessing of another child because I wouldn't trust Him enough to step out on faith.


Anonymous said...

When you seek Him, He will open doors that only He can open. You will know within your spirit if God is calling your family to a new chapter. As the song goes...Just remember when your standing in the valley of decision & the advisery says give in, just hold on our Lord will show up & He will take you through the fire again. Just like our church being at a crossroads with building, God is never going to work when it is comfortable for us, that's when faith steps in.
love ya!
Heather D.

Sabrina said...

Yes, step out! That is what God has been totally showing me. Sometimes, the waters don't part, my sister, until you step into the water!! Praying for you!

Heather said...

It is my theory that we step out on Faith. If it is not meant to be God will close the door. Praying for your family....praying for this little girl so far away...if you don't try, will you always be wondering "what if" ? Oh...life is hard sometimes!