Saturday, August 21, 2010

God Provides...

Okay, I know this should most likely be a Memorial Box post but I couldn't wait til Monday (and i won't have internet accesss then.) Anyway, Wednesday afternoon my brother calls to find out what Jim is doing on Thursday. I told him nothing but a short meeting and figured he needed some help putting finishing touches on his house. Instead he informs me he has two tickets to an Atlanta Falcons pre-season game and would Jim like to take Blake. Of course!!!! I was excited about that, but then when we got the tickets they were for the 48 yard line and 35 rows up!!! How cool!!!! I was so glad God provided those tickets and allowed my baby to go see the game. Well Samuel had a dentist appointment that day and so Grace stayed with my mom. She was a little bummed that she didn't get to do anything special (Note: My kids love the dentist!) So anyway, Samuel and I are driving to the dentist and pass a florist and what does the sign out front say: "If your name is Amy come in for a free rose." I got so excited because what better way to show my girl how special she is than to bring home a rose. Oh God is so good!!! He provided for all of us!!

As for Sam's dentist appointment, it went very well. He was actually excited about having three teeth pulled and went back without a problem. That night as we were getting ready for bed I asked Samuel what his favorite part of the day was and he actually said going to the dentist!! Well now I'm off to prepare for my 30th and a trip to Disney!!!

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Sabrina said...

How awesome, Amy!! Have fun at Disney! Did I tell you that I am jealous? :)