Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Field Trip Fun...

Okay here are a couple of pics from our recent field trip. Not sure why the middle one is sideways and I can't seem to remove it! Anyway, we visited the area gourd farm and then headed to a nearby town to show the kids the slave market. It opened up quite a bit of discussion.
While we were there we stepped into their local historical society museum and were treated to the royal treatment as we toured. The kids posed for their school picture (above). Oh the things that I was able to introduce my children to... the spittoon, bedpan, ice-tongs, etc... These three were very fun!
I explained to Grace about the bedpan and I thought I might lose her. See it was an old metal one and it had a hole for men and a hole for women. Oh, the look on her face! Then we went to the spittoon. I explained what it was used for and that alot of times men spit their tobacco into it. Then she wanted to know what tobacco was!! Oh, the innocence of childhood. And finally the ice tongs. I explained that before frigs there were ice-boxes. My aunt actually has my great-grandparents ice-box, but of course none of the kids remember seeing it, so it opened up another field trip!! We also visited a revolutionary war cemetery to end the field trip. Needless to say it was quite an adventure!!
If you notice in the pics, Sam's hair was not ready for a fieldtrip! I could not get it to lay down for anything. I know the people we saw were thinking "oh those poor children." Or maybe "Why aren't those kids in school! Look Mama didn't even brush his hair." Even so, I was very proud of my little boy. Sometimes, I'm not sure how much soaks in, but when we got home he told his daddy all about the slave store (as Grace called it), and what it meant to be a slave, and the different tools he learned about. I was very impressed.
Not sure where the next field trip will be, but with these three it very likely could be just a trip to Wal-Mart!! We can make anything educational!!

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Sabrina said...

Sounds fun!

And I always feel that way about Levi's hair. It is forever sticking up!