Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year Preparations...

As this year begins to wind down and we prepare for another year I want to record a few thoughts. This year has really flown by and has been full of ups and downs. We will be closing the chapter to our lives in our current house as we prepare to move after the new year. Even though we are looking forward to the perks of the new house, I will miss this home. When I moved in I really thought that this would be the house I would live in forever. *Sigh* This move is going to be good and hopefully will afford us a lot of new opportunities as we begin to get out of debt.

As for new opportunities, I am so excited to see where Jim's band goes. I haven't mentioned it much, but the praise and worship band at church is beginning to take their music outside the doors of our church. They have performed two concerts in the past couple of months and have at least one more scheduled for the new year. The guys are still tossing around names, but the latest idea is Letters to Rome. Whatcha think?

We have also experienced loss. Jim lost his sister this summer in a very unexpected and tragic way. It has been hard on his whole family. Even so, we look to the new year with promise of a new niece or nephew. I can't wait. Since I can't adopt again right now, I am looking to pour all that love on the new little addition.

Grace and I are also looking forward to our mission trip to South Africa. God has been so good to us and is providing for our needs in this area.

I know there is more, but this is what seems to stick out to me right now. I do have a few prayer request for the new year. Please pray that Jim and I make wise financial decisions about our new house, that Grace and I can really be the hands and feet of Jesus in South Africa, and that God will continue to use the band to spread His message. Also, that God will either remove my strong desire for more children or please show me a way to add more to our family.

Praying each of you have a happy and healthy 2011!! Happy New Year!!

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Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

Playing a little catch up this exciting about Jim's band....I like the name...
So, do you have a new house you're moving to?
Call me!