Monday, May 30, 2011

Jehovah Jireh... My Provider

There are so many neat stories lately that have shown how God has provided for us, but I want to share two. The first story starts with our decision to take a trip to Africa. I really felt God calling us to that, but we just didn't have the funds. On more than one occasion I was so discouraged that I was ready to return donations and call it quits. However, my dear friends continued to encourage me. Finally I came to a peace. I wasn't sure how, but I knew we were going so we bought tickets. It wasn't much longer and our tax return came.

For some that is no big deal, but for us this year it is huge!! First off, we thought we were going to have to file an extension while we waited for Samuel's SS#. However, my "own time" God(note this is not the on time God, but the one that works in His time) provided the number on April 14!! Yes the day before the deadline. So I called up the CPA and had him get the papers ready. Due to the D.C. holiday the deadline was extended to Monday, April 18 and of course I was in the post office.

Soon I was discouraged again. So many of my friends were having trouble with their refunds due to the adoption tax credit. Some were delayed while others were denied! Oh well, I thought, there went any chance of that helping out.

About a week and a half later, on a whim, I checked the status. I was informed that we should have our return by the end of May. Whew, that's close, but I guess we could use it if need be. So I felt a little better. Then 18 days after I mailed our return, the money was deposited in our account. Oh how I rejoiced!! Thank you Lord for Your provision. We continued to fundraise because we really needed the money to repair Jim's car, not pay for the mission trip.

Then about a week ago we got even more good news!! The figures for the trip were wrong and Grace and I had overpaid by $700!! The other ladies had overpaid $100 each and they didn't need the refund so it was applied to our account. That was $900 more dollars, then add in a couple of significant donations and we were down to needing $476 as of Sunday morning.

After the morning service our pastor had the four of us come to the front so that they could lay hands on us and pray. As part of the prayer, Bro. Andy specifically prayed that if there were needed funds that God would place it on someone's heart to donate. Well after church we had to scoot quick so I didn't know what had happened. Then I get a text from one girl and a call from the other about the same time. They had each had someone give them a donation. The two totaled $900!!! Our expenses were paid and there is money left over for us to use to feed the children while we are there!!!!

My "own time" God has taught me so much about His faithfulness and provision. I knew in my head He would provide, but now I know in my heart!!! Thank you Jesus. Oh yes, and these donations mean that we don't have to use our tax money for the trip, but we can repair Jim's car. Oh God is good!!

I said there were two stories, but the other one will have to wait until tomorrow. Check back and see what else God has been up to in just the last week.

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That is AWESOME, friend!