Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Tribute to...

This is a tribute to the great Marilyn Monroe. This isn't the Marilyn Monroe who was known for her flirty pictures and wild behavior. No this is a tribute to the Marilyn Monroe who was very modest and led a very quiet and peaceful life. This Marilyn Monroe was my grandmother.

Ma-Ma, as she was known to us, was born in 1929 to hard working parents. She worked hard in school and on the family farm. Then in her sophomore year of school she was swept off her feet by a tall, dark haired handsome fella by the name of Harry Slater. It was a whirlwind of a courtship and they were soon married in September of 1945.

Ma-Ma spent her days working in the fields and preparing for her first born child. Times were tough and money was scarce, but she made do with what she had. As more children came along, 5 all total, things were tougher but she continued to work to provide for her family. There was no job to menial for her. She worked in the fields, in the shirt factory and even in the hospital as ward clerk. Soon four of her children were graduated and on their own. One, the baby, had died in an accident the night of his high school graduation.

Her four children all became successful and prominent citizens in their community. Soon it was time for her beloved grandchildren to come along. There are 8 of us all total. This amazing woman played a huge role in all of our lives. We all have cherished memories of our time at
Ma-Ma's house.

Soon it was time for her two greatest roles in life: being a great-grandmother and being mayor. These two roles were her favorite I think. She delighted in having her 11 great-grandchildren over to visit. Whether it was making cookies with Ma-Ma or having a slumber party at her house, it was always a grand time.

At the same time in her life she decided to step up and help her town by running for Mayor. Things had gone awry from past administrations and she thought she could do better. And she did!! She took a town that was in such financial trouble that they risked having the street lights cut off to now they are in the best financial shape in years (all without city taxes. Wish she could have helped Washington balance the budget.) Unfortunately her second term as Mayor was cut short.

This great woman went to be with Jesus on April 30, 2011. She is greatly missed by all who knew her and her legacy will be remembered. She may not be the Marilyn Monroe known by all the world, but she was all the world to me.


Sabrina said...

Such a sweet post. I am so sorry for your loss!

Love ya!

Tina said...

So sorry you lost you Ma-ma..