Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Okay, I have been very tardy in providing an update on our trip. The trip to South Africa was amazing!! The people who work at the Shayandima School of Tomorrow are absolutely wonderful.
I was blown away with how the students work so hard and are so disciplined. They are responsible not only for their studies, but for the upkeep of the school as well. The VBS went over very well. The students were very knowledgeable about the Bible, but I do think they enjoyed the games, crafts and music that we did each day.

After our time at the school each day, we went to the Outreach. The Outreach is a ministry set up by Pastor Albert, a former School of Tomorrow teacher, who feeds the orphaned and disadvantaged children of the community. There are several ladies who prepare the meal each weekday to provide to these children. For some of them, it is the only meal they get. These children really tore at my heart. They were so eager to have visitors and so grateful when we brought things to share. You would not believe their eagerness over a soft peppermint candy!!!

There were several children who really captured my heart, but one little girl in particular. She had these eyes that just seemed to look straight into my heart. (She was the one from the post when we first arrived home.) I ask for prayer for this little treasure. Mr. Palmer is looking to possibly add a couple of orphans to the Lighthouse ministry and she is one being considered. Please pray that she may be chosen.

As for the Lighthouse... This is a ministry for orphaned children. There are currently five children who live on the mission base with Auntie Andrea, their house mother. Through donations these children are provided a place to live as well as an education at the school. This is all provided by God and these children live by faith that God will provide the funds needed. Again, something that can be lifted up in prayer.

Thank you to all who provided for our trip. This truly was a door used by God to open up something greater I believe. Please join us in prayer that God will continue to show us the way.

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