Sunday, September 11, 2011

Catching up...

I have gotten really lax in updating my blog. I guess I just don't feel I have much to share. We have started school and that is going well. We really have gotten in a great routine and seem to accomplish a lot.

We have had a few emotional days as we begin to close out my grandmother's estate. Yesterday we had a yardsale to try to clean out some of the things that the family did not claim. This was necessary but so hard to watch as people began taking her things away. By the end of the day when we cleaned up it was really hard to walk thru a practically empty house.

In job news, Jim is still teaching. We have a packet of info to fill out for the m*l*tary. Even so, they are now saying Jim may possibly not be eligible. This really irks me because they are the ones who called us. So why call us if you aren't for sure there is a position. Ugh!!!

Anyway, that seems to be our life...boring. But you know, I like this boring life :)

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