Monday, February 11, 2013


Well, a quick update.  Our home study is complete, just waiting on our agency to mail out final copy.  Once that is done we can apply for our approval to adopt with immigration officials.  This part has been a little longer and more difficult than what we had first thought.  We have had a few bumps in the road along the way. 

I am longing for my girl.  I really want to hold her and tell her how special she is.  I long to tuck her in and shower her with kisses.  Most days I am okay with the wait, but some days it is almost overwhelming.  There have been days that I have been very discouraged.  The funds have not been coming in lately as I had hoped.  We are facing a huge payment and I just don't know how that will be paid.  However, I know that God didn't bring us this far to let us fall flat now.  Please, if you think about us, say a prayer that we will continue to trust God and not grow weary.

 In other news:  A few weeks ago, Blake auditioned for the district honor band.  We were so proud because this was his first ever audition and he made fourth chair trumpet.  This weekend was the rehearsals and concert.  We got to the first rehearsal and the director asked the 8th graders to raise their hands, then 7th graders, and finally he asked if their were any 6th graders.  Blake was the only 6th grader!!  This made this momma even prouder.

Blake with his band director

Blake with his proud parents (and yes dad is the band director)

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