Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Praise Him!!!!

Well, as many of you know, God has done some amazing things on this adoption journey.  Money has come from very unusual places at just the right time.  It started with a refund check from the dentist that covered the application fee.  And the latest was a check from our mortgage company that we did not even see on the radar that has covered the dossier.

Now that the dossier is almost complete (agency should have everything by Friday) it will all be sent to China.  It is my understanding that once China receives it, we will pretty quickly get the official referral.  At that time, the rest of our fees to the agency are due.  Our remaining balance to the agency is $4700.   No clue where it will come from.  

We have applied for several grants and been turned down for all of them but one.  We were awaiting word from that board and did not expect to hear until the first of next month.  

 However, God in His great timing sent us a letter today!!!  We are the recipients of a $3500 grant from Show Hope!!!  Yippee!!!!  The guy at the post office has come to know us well over this journey and after today, I'm sure he has labeled me crazy ;)   I was so very excited!!

We still have $1200 we owe to the agency, and then roughly $16000 when we travel. That includes not only actual travel, but also orphanage fee, processing expenses, medical exam, and visa.  Even though we still have so far to go, I look back and see how far God has brought us!!!  My faithful Father will provide!!!!

Praise HIM!!!  Oh how my heart sings!!!

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