Thursday, September 5, 2013

Where we are...

I haven't updated our progress to Sarah Joy lately.  I guess I've felt that there wasn't much to update.  Our paperwork is moving through the channels for governmental approval.  We had a small hiccup with one document that had to be re-done due to an incorrect birthdate, but that has been rectified.  Our social worker told me today that the paperwork is moving, but we just haven't gotten that all important "Letter seeking confirmation."  Once we get that it will be another time of rush around and then wait.

Even though our paperwork seems to be moving slow, I've been feeling very "nesty"  I've been getting things in order around the house.  The kids and I have packed our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes because we don't want to miss this great opportunity to serve, even if momma and daddy are half-way around the globe.  I've even begun pulling out clothes to pack.  (My plans are to pack for seven days and then wash and rewear for the next seven.)  My next thing is to maybe make a few freezable meals to have when we return with our treasure.

And of course, we are still doing lots of fundraising.  We still have about $15,000 to raise before we travel.  I told Jim at the beginning that if at any time we didn't have the funds, we would stop.  I was very serious, because I know that adoption is God's heart and He will provide.  Thus far, we have had every penny when needed.  I know that $15,000 in just a couple of months seems like a lot, but my God owns it all and I will trust Him.  With that being said, if you would like to be the hands and feet of Jesus and help us bring our treasure home, please feel free to donate using the Paypal link on the sidebar.

Now off for more waiting!

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