Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A time to pause...

Okay, so Linny over at A Place Called Simplicity is doing a time of thanksgiving.  I think this is so awesome for this time of year because most of us are so busy preparing for the season, we forget what exactly the season is about.  I know this year I have had to really work hard to ensure that we weren't frazzled and running every direction, but simply enjoying the season of Jesus' birth.

This year we have so very much to be thankful for, but one thing that stands out above all else is God's provision for our adoption.  In October 2012 we started the process to bring home our sweet girl, but before we started there was much prayer and many discussions.  My husband was worried about the costs and rightly so.  We had adopted several years ago and gotten ahead of God and taken out a loan and my husband didn't want to do that again.  So we promised each other that at any time we didn't have the funds we would stop.  Oh that was stretching this momma's heart, but I knew God would be faithful.

Oh and faithful He has been.  It started with the application.  We were stepping out on faith to mail the initial application and fee.  As I stood at the counter to mail it, my daughter went to check the box.  She came back and there in the mail was a refund check from an overpayment to the dentist.  This was our application fee, God had provided!!

Then of course there was the time I gave a bit to someone who was about to travel for their daughter and didn't quite have the funds.  The next day my husband brings home a check from a co-worker for 10x's the amount (at this point we hadn't told too many people so we were surprised the co-worker even knew). 

And probably the God moment that knocked us off our feet the most was a large check from our previous mortgage company that came out of the blue.  We had been out of the house for two years!!  That's a long story, so you can read about it here.

I could continue with stories of God's faithfulness and provision, however that might take all day.  As of today, all our fees here have been paid.  The only expenses we have left are our travel (flights, hotel, etc), orphanage donation (app. $5500) and various other in-country fees.  We have been told to expect a February travel due to the holidays here and the New Year there.  We are working hard to raise the rest of the funds, but we tease that God may just wait until we board the plane.  No matter how or when He provides, I know God is faithful!!

So this Christmas season, take time to remember that it is not about the gifts under the tree or the perfect holiday meal.  It's about a Father who sent His Son, to be born to nothing, so that we might have everything.  Thank Father for Jesus, who has given for me.


Jami said...

I just loved reading this! Our story sounds so similiar to yours! We adopted our Sophia 2 years ago in November 2011. We were so worried about the money part of the adoption. We also did not want to go into deb. A few years before the adoption we knew God was calling us out of debt and also to remain out of debt. So we fought the urge to get a loan and we prayed that God would provide the finances so we didn't go into debt. I can not tell you all the ways God provided…many in ways that are similar to yours! In the end, our adoption took 10 months from start to finish and God provided the entire $28,000 we needed!! Never did we go into debt! I still am amazed how it all worked out…considering we've never been able to save that sort of money in 10 months EVER! Anyways, I just wanted to wish blessing on your journey! And to encourage you further…God WILL provide completely! And it's gonna be awesome!
I haven't updated our blog in a long time, but our adoption journey in on there if you'd like to read it!

Amy said...

Thank you Jami for your encouragement!! I really needed to hear that! Can't wait to hop over to your blog to read.

Jami said...

You are very welcome!! I LOVE sharing His faithfulness!! I can't wait to continue following your journey!! And if you ever need further encouragement...just send me an email!! Blessings!!!!