Saturday, April 28, 2007


Okay, after reading everyone else's blogs I see that I am a slow blogger. Anyway, we have completed our homestudy visits, but we are waiting for the paperwork to be finished. The social worker from our homestudy agency (not Dillon) called this week to ask a few questions for the homestudy. That was fine, but all the information he needed I had already given him!!! Is he just lazy or scatterbrained or what??? So now I am going through and finding all of the information again so I can call him Monday and let him know.

We did get a fingerprinting appointment for May so that was great!! The waiting is killing me. I am so afraid Samuel will lose all of his close friends to adoption before we get there. I think that is what hurts the most.

On the bright side we did get the boys matching comforters for their beds. That was very exciting. I was not going to buy them because we need every cent for the adoption, but someone in our church gave a gift card for that specific purpose. God is sooo good!

Another God thing, before we started the process I had Samuel and a little girl picked out from the waiting list. By the time we got started the girl had a family. I was a little disappointed but that was great. I just found out today that the little girl is Rachel's Sera, who is now home!!! The really cool thing is that we were going to name her Sarah!! I think God is the best. "Shackles" has just come on and I think I might just dance and praise God for his wonderful grace. Until next time.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Amy, I'm so glad about your fingerprint appointment. Hopefully, they will be moving things on well for you.