Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New Pics!!!

Here is one of the new pics we got today of Samuel!!! I am so excited. He is holding a small stuffed animal and a photo album we sent. He looks a little sad, but hopefully the pictures helped. Tina, the mother to his best friend, said that he was very protective of Alex and watched out for him. I sure hope we can get together with the boys so they don't lose that bond. Now I'm waiting for travel!!


Leigh said...

Look at that face! He's ready for you! I hope you get good news soon!

Ruth said...

He looks so sweet! let's hope for a very quick-time-to-travel.

Jessica said...

I am so thrilled that you got pictures. He is so precious. I hope things speed up and you get to go bring him home soon!

Natasha said...


I am pretty sure that I have run across a few pictures of Samuel from our day at the orphanage Sept 6-7 2006.
1. He is being held by a caretaker
2. He is being held by a young girl
3. He is in a room of kiddos standing next to Ella

I saw his new picture and it sparked something... and I remembered these pictures. I went back through our photos and I think it is him. A little chunkier than now.
I would like you to have them.
I can email them to you or send them to you in the mail.
Call me or email me,
Check our Ninh Thuan Forum for my info.

Heather said...

I'm so glad you got a new picture of Samuel. Hope that everything will be processed quickly for you.

Heather said...

Amy, have you guys heard anything lately??? Haven't seen a new post in a while....did Jynger get some new pictures for you guys? I sure hope to hear of a G & R Date for you soon...it seems as though you have been waiting a long time. He is so precious...can't wait to see him home. :)

Heather M.
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