Sunday, February 24, 2008

An Amazing Transition

Samuel seems to be transitioning really well. We go out and he is really shy and quiet. He won't make eye contact with others. Most of the time he holds his hands up for Jim to tote him. In the room, wow, he is a wild man. Jim has become the human jungle "Jim"(HaHa) Anyway, Samuel is climbing all over him, rolling off the bed, etc. He laughs and loves it. He really makes great eye contact with us and takes to either of us, but prefers Jim(only if he will pick him up)
We went over to the tax center today and Samuel loved the Hot Wheels. Blake, I think you guys will have a great time together. Picked up my Au Doi sp?? just a few minutes ago. Boy will that do something to your ego. I really like it but will honestly only wear it for pics. I will have to go on a serious diet if I convince Jim to move here.
Oh for those of you who know me well it will be interesting to know that God put us with a family who lives in China teaching English. They have told Jim they could easily get him a music job in China. (Crossing my fingers!!) Although now I think I would rather live in VN. It doesn't seem as up tight and the air is cleaner. NT is my preference. (Hmmm wonder why?) Anyway, I have to go for now. I am off to get my massage that is absolutely dirt cheap! Hope all is well in the states! Someone please love on my kids!


Brian and Cassie said...

Oh my, Samuel is so precious. The family has really enjoyed the picture that we have of you and Samuel. We are so excited to meet him and be reunited with you and Jim. Hope everything continues to go well. OH YEAH don't worry I will not tell Mother that you are moving to Vietnam. Love you so much and hope to see you soon.



LeAnne and Jennifer said...

Samuel is precious! We are so glad to hear that things are going well. We saw Grace and Blake on Wednesday and they are doing great. I believe Blake's comment was "mommy who?". Just kidding! Enjoy every minute and we will see you soon.

Nadra said...

Amy...sounds like things are going great. So happy for you. Hope your massage was wonderful.

stormy said...

Sounds like a dream, happy to see you are enjoying VN and Samuel is adjusting well, I am sure that is an answer to prayer. hope the rest of your trip is blessed