Monday, February 25, 2008

Various Ramblings

Okay, the massage was great. It was so relaxing and fun. They served some of the most delicious dragon fruit. I really could have stayed longer. Not only was it relaxing, but they thought I was beautiful. Why do I want to leave this country when a pale curly headed person is so gorgesous!?!?
I wanted to share about our close call with the law. The other night we walked down to the Ben Thanh market and were having a look around. The streets were very crowded and all of a sudden we hear sirens. Everyone turns to look as a moto comes speeding down the street with the police moto in hot persuit. Everyone stopped and watched. I was so thankful that Jim was holding Samuel. It was quite an experience.
Also, we ate at a resturant down the street called Zen Viet (or something like that). It was swanky. It was where the presentation of the food was wonderful and it tasted great. In the states we could never have afforded to eat there, but here is was a mere 24 bucks.
Okay, as much as I am trying to have some fun, Jim is working away. He has a whole marching show planned for next year. He wants to do asian music. Now all we have to do is find a huge dragon! All is well and we leave in a few for Hanoi. We hope to be finished there Thursday, fly out Friday and be home Saturday. Keep checking to find out more =)


Anonymous said...

Jim, Amy and Samuel,
Can't wait for you guys to get home. Glad all is going well. Amy your stories are great. Thanks for sharing!
Carol P.

Anonymous said...

Samuel is precious! Thanks for posting pictures and giving us updates on your journey! I have enjoyed every step with you. Ok Amy...Have you found a little girl for me? Can't wait for ya'll to get home!
Heather & Jim

Erin said...

So funny about the close call with the law! I thought you were going to say you were almost arrested or something! haha Enjoying your all of your posts - keep 'em coming and enjoy Hanoi!

ErinP (Dillon family)

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Love the ramblings, but we want more pictures!

Cindy said...

So glad to hear Samuel is with his forever family!!!!!! Hope you all have a great stay and a great return!

Heather said...

Thanks for Blogging! Samuel is so cute & glad he is happy with his new family! Enjoy your time in Hanoi.

Heather M.
Dillon Family
Waiting to travel for Caleigh.

Garrett, Heidi and family said...

Great to see you guys are having such a wonderful time. Samuel is just adorable, and it sounds like he is adjusting very well. Keep the posts coming. We enjoy following your trip.


Anonymous said...

Why would any of us pale and curly-headed people want to leave somewhere like that!