Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Here in Hanoi

Okay, we are now in Hanoi, but let me back up briefly to HCMC. The day we were to leave Jim decided he wanted street food. You know, the people who cook right there on the street. No chairs or tables just a little pot and some food. He said he wound up with some soup stuff with a lung in it. He wasn't sure what kind of animal though. I couldn't believe it. He said it was good. (Ugh!!)
Anyway, we left Monday afternoon for Hanoi. The flight was amazing. Samuel didn't like being buckled but when we told him to leave it alone he did. He and Jim played and he crawled in my lap to look out the window. Thomas (Sang) on the other hand, wanted to be up. He didn't really fuss, just was vocal about not sitting. He was fine as long as Shawn was up. They have long flight ahead.
Tuesday it was rainy and cold. We didn't go out, but just hung around the apartment. Let me tell you, when Dillon says bring a jacket, do it! I really didn't think it would be that cold, but it is. We had Samuel some long clothes but only one set for us. Anyway, being in the room was great rest time. Today, we got out and walked around the city some. This is not my favorite city. It is too Americanish for me and more expensive. Anyway, we spent the morning out and the afternoon in the playroom. We came back to the room and watched a movie while Samuel slept. This evening we went down to the Citimart (by the way it is in this building) to do some shopping. We bought some food for dinner and went back and prepared it. For those of you yet to come, do all souvineir shopping in HCMC. Anyway, we have an appointment for tomorrow afternoon at the consulate. IF all goes well we hope to leave on Friday and be home Saturday. As much as I have enjoyed VN I am so ready to see my babies back home. I think Samuel will do great. However, he is very shy and does not look at people when they talk to him. So if we make it to church on Sunday please don't overwhelm him. One on one is fine, but crowds are a little iffy. Hope all is well. Heather, I'm still working on the little girl for you =)
Pictures will come tomorrow.


Jessica said...

lol, I haveheard that the shopping was better in HCMC. The staff tried to tell me that is was better and cheaper in Hanoi. I think they just said that to keep me from complaining about how they were rushing us. You have been so blessed on your trip to get to take your time it seems.

Enjoy your last few days and have a safe trip home!

tinacornelison said...

Glad things are going well and hope you're able to make it home on Saturday. Just curious how old is Thomas the other little boy? I've heard you mention him several times now and was wondering if I remembered him from the orphanage.


The Hills said...

So glad for you. Praying for you all. Thanks for sharing tips for us future travelers as well. I close my eyes and can really envision being there. The Lord bless you.
Scarlett- mom to Dillon in NT

Jessica said...

Oh, as for church. That is the 1 place we still have a hard time taking Emaline. OUr church is mostly older folks and they totally smother her anytime they see her so we have to hide when we do go. Thankfully our Sunday school class is young and still have enough manners to be nice and not getin Emaline's personal space or try to touch her.

Andy & Jill said...

So glad to read that you are having a smooth and good trip and Samuel is doing well! Looking forward to seeing more photos of him. Will pray you have a safe trip home on Friday and Saturday.
(mom to Layne Nhi in NT)