Thursday, March 27, 2008

A day of first...

Well, today was our first post-placement visit. Now I don't know if you remember, but our social worker was pretty nutty. Always getting things wrong and confused. Well, for this he called me twice in one week to set up the appointment. I was just like "thank goodness we are finally home." Anyway, the visit went fine. We drove 4 hours for our 20 minute little visit. So with the price of gas and Jim being on spring break we decided on an adventure.

We wound up visiting the GA aquarium. It was nice, but not exactly what I was hoping for. The kids really enjoyed the trip. Samuel had a mixture of enjoyment and wonder with a little "oh my goodness, what is going on." He was really fun to watch. We decided when we go back for the next visit we will go to Coca-Cola World. We then rushed home for another first.

We made it back to my parents' house in time to eat dinner with all of my siblings (except 1) and their families. This was a big gathering of people, but Samuel did really well. He played great and really enjoyed my nephew Andy. Anyway, the day was great. My husband is now telling me to get off so I can get some sleep and enjoy my 48hours without children. Tomorrow I will be going to hear Beth Moore and I am excited.


The Efirds said...

I was in Atlanta earlier this week! I would love to have taken our kiddos to the aquarium and the zoo! I'm just assumming that's where you guys were! If not, sorry! Glad to know that your visit went great!

stormy said...

Is this the big aquarium in Atlanta? Jeff and Chanz are dying to see some Shark there. Post and let us know how The ladies conference goes If I come to see Beth Moore in Atlanta we have to get the kids together too. Have fun and REFRESH!!!!