Monday, March 3, 2008

God is Good!!!

No, we don't have a flight and will be returning as originally planned, but praise God He is in control. Samuel is doing absolutely fabulous. Last night he actually sat in the tub and I had to drag him out. Tonight was the same thing. He is like a little fish, and I promise we have the cleanest tub, because he has washed it. I can't wait for everyone to meet him. Once he comes out of his shell around you guys I promise he will crack you up. He is also going to give Grace a run for her money in the talking department. It is absolutely non-stop. It is amazing to sit back and watch and see how much he reminds me of Jim and both of the older two. God truly created Samuel for our family and no other!
Today was not very exciting because Jim is trying to get over something. He thinks he may be catching was Samuel has had. I just pray he feels okay for the flight over because I am going to need lots of help entertaining him for that many hours! Yikes!! I did however, wonder out to the Citimart here and buy lots of rice crackers and milk for Blake and Grace's Awana classes. Heather and Lynda if it is okay I would love to bring these for snack one night. Just so the kids can share some. Oh, I also bought B and G some Dragon Fruit Capri Suns. It is really good fruit so I hope they like the drink. I saw some Dragon Fruit Preserves but I am afraid it would break going home.
Tomorrow we say good-bye to our friends the Lee's. They have been such a blessing and so much fun to be around. So much so that they are Uncle Shawn and Aunt Dawn and we are Uncle Jim and Aunt Amy. We were expecting to have to do this alone and God saw fit to send another family who so perfectly matched our needs (aka they act as blockers crossing the street=) Anyway, we hope to visit them some time in China. All is well and I will post more adventures tomorrow!


tinacornelison said...


Glad Samuel is enjoying his baths. He sounds a lot like Alex. Alex talked non stop for weeks. I think it was his way of processing everything he'd never seen before. He still talks a lot but not as much as he did. I can't wait to hear that you guys have made it home safely. However I'm going to miss your daily updates on Samuel. Have a great day and we'll be praying you have great flights home and adjust well upon returning home.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ya'll,

Glad to hear that Samuel is enjoying his bath time. He is so handsome. We can not wait to meet him. We look foward to seeing you all when you return home. Sounds like Samuel is going to fit in great, he loves spaghetti already. We ate supper with Blake and Grace Friday night and they are doing great. See you soon!!!!


Brian and Cassie

Heather said...

So glad that everything has gone well for you guys in VN. It sounds as if you've made the most of your trip & Samuel looks so darling! Enjoy the last few days & have a safe trip home! Thanks for blogging!

Heather M.
Dillon Forum Family

stormy said...

so glad to see all is going great hope the flights are equally good can't wait to see you all home and your family together. praying for safe flights.