Sunday, March 2, 2008


Well, I came down here at 10pm to check email only to find a message from Todd saying he could get us out of here at 7pm. So close yet so far away. He said he tried calling, but it happened to be the time while we were out to dinner. This really gives me a heavy heart. I know God has a plan so I will wait for it. He is probably sitting up there saying "Hey you wanted to hurry up and get there and now you want to hurry and leave?! You can't make up your mind." Really, I will be still and wait. Your plan is the best and I thank You for Your blessings Lord.
About today... We went out after lunch and did some shopping. During this trip I saw an amazing site. There was man standing a few feet from me on the street and a bus came by and I promise, you could not put a pack of paper between the two. He looked up and his eyes were a little wide. Anyway, I bought a couple of lamps for the kid's rooms' and then we bought the BIG suitcase for Jim's instruments. What I wouldn't give to be able to understand the people talking as we walked past. Me pushing a stroller with a huge suitcase sitting in it while Jim toted Samuel. I know they had to be saying how crazy I looked. After that we came in and rested for a little while. Jim seems to think he may be catching a cold. I sure hope not. Anyway, then we went out to eat with the Lee's. Came back and now here I am. Not very exciting, but we are so enjoying ourselves. Samuel is such a ham. While we were waiting for the elevator I was kinda kicking him in his rear and by the third time he would stick it out and just dare me. It was quite funny. He walks around with funny faces and walks. He kinda hams it up like Tyler and Raleigh! Thanks to all of you who have told me your loving my babies. Oh by the way, Grace and Pa-Pa, Samuel had a hotdog for supper tonight and loved it!
For those of you yet to travel, I'll share a few things. 1.) There is a shopping district just a few blocks from the hotel. If you go out the door to the right and walk a couple of blocks. Then take a left for another couple of blocks. You will come to a pond and on one side of that pond is a Highlands Coffee shop and that direction is the shopping area. 2.) Al Fresco's is about 5 blocks down from the hotel. Go out and take a right. It is really good and the people are super friendly. 3.) There is a little grocery in the hotel area. They sell most anything so visit them if need be. 4) Have fun and enjoy the area. I have found you have to get out a little further to find things, but it really is a pretty nice place.
Now, I have to go pray for another flight!

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Laura said...

I'm so sorry Amy! It sounds as if you're making the best of it, but I certainly know how it feels to be stranded so far away from your babies. I will continue to pray for another flight for you as well, and that you'll be able to enjoy the time you do have in that beautiful country!