Tuesday, April 29, 2008


There is not much to report from our family. Life is going along just dandy. The older two are playing ball and Samuel is itching to join the fun. Next year will be his shot. School is winding up for Jim and we are planning all of our summer activities. This will again be a busy summer.

However, on the adoption side of things there are some really sad parents. I mentioned awhile back that VN may be shutting down. Well this is now a fact that they will be shutting down this summer. That means lots of parents who have been waiting for a long time (some for over a year) to be matched with their child will now have to consider other options. However, those who do have a match can proceed. This is really sad for the children, but especially to me the waiting children. These are mostly older children who may or may not have a special need. Samuel was a waiting child and I just can not imagine him being left behind. We watched a video last night of him at around 18 mos. and I asked Jim, I wonder how many times he saw people come and go and wonder when it would be his turn. Now I am not saying that waiting children are right for everyone, but if it is even remotely possible I pray that you would consider it. These children just want to be loved.

Anyway, all of that to say this. Please pray for the children left behind and the families who are hurting from this awful news.

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