Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Yesterday made two months that Samuel has been ours. I can't believe it!!! He has grown so much as a part of our family that life without him was non-exsistent. Today we visited with some dear friends of ours who have a little girl from China, Ellie, the same age as Samuel. Samuel was such fun and tried showing off some. Ellie was so fun to be around. But I listened to her talk and couldn't believe she had only been home six months.
That leads me to our latest words. He has now learned the ultimate 20th century kid lingo..."Watch movie." Now we don't have cable or anything, just movies (mostly VHS at that). Anyway, the kids have gotten on a movie kick lately and have watched a video every day so naturally he has picked up these words.
He has also picked up Night Night. It is so cute to see him go to his room, pull down his covers and crawl in and say "night night."
He has also learned that he is a charmer and tries to use that face to his advantage. Today we were coming home from the neighbors and he held out his arms for me to tote him. I told him no. He then changed his expression to use his puppy dog eyes and down turned lips. I still refused. He then tried to look even sadder, before busting into an all out grin. I'm telling you this little monkey knows how to turn it on and charm your heart.
Blake (Buc lie as Samuel says) has recently finished his second Sparks workbook for Awana and we still have 6 weeks to go. This kid absolutely amazes me with his memorizing power and desire to read the Bible. He even wants to attend Dr. Michael Guidos Evangelical Seminary here in town. Can you tell I'm a proud mama?
Now let me brag on my little girl a while. She has really blossomed into my little helper. She loves to help her little brother. She also likes to help me in the kitchen. I know that one day she is going to make a fine mother to hopefully a house full of children!
I know this is a long post, but I have to write down my thoughts or they are gone within hours. For those of you who read I really enjoy your comments and thoughts.

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