Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Summer is here!!!

Well, it is officially summer!! Jim had graduation Friday night and then we traveled to Valdosta for his nephews graduation. Tommy only had 7 people in his class, but I think each kid had at least 20-25 people there so it was a pretty big graduation. Yesterday, Jim played taps for a local Memorial Day service. It was very nice. We then spent the rest of the day at my folks house just hanging out.
Our family has not had much to happen but some others we are close to have exciting news. My brother will be getting married in a month. Grace is the flower girl and she can't wait to wear her pretty dress. Momma on the other hand is a little sad because it makes her look all grown up.
My best a dearest friend Heather let me know this week she is expecting again. This will be baby number 6 and it will be a boy. Anyone have any good name suggestions. They call all of their children by double names (ie Jackson Riley, George Henry).
In Samuel news, he is doing great. His language is astounding. He knows so many words and has just settled right in. Hopefully I can post new pics soon.

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