Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yeah for Insurance!!

So I know the title sounds kinda weird, but we received our new insurance cards this week with Samuel's name on them. I never thought I would get that excited over something so mundane. Even though we have not officially changed his name and such for another month or so, they put his new name on the card. That made it feel a little more real.
In other happenings, life has been crazy. Jim has been gone doing his two weeks of summer training with his unit. During that time one child becomes ill, a father to cart to the doctor, a mother who is ill, two houses to keep up (hers and mine) and other happenings around the farm have completely worn me out. I now know I would never make it as a single mom. If anything ever happens to Jim before the kids are grown, I will be looking for a husband quick (ha!) No really, this has made me appreciate him more. He has been gone like this before, but for some reason this year it is harder.
We will be starting school around here next week. We homeschool so we begin when we wish and I chose next week. Jim will be home and working so things will fall back into a routine. I'm a little apprehensive (sp?) about teaching two. Thus far, Grace has not really had to "have" school, but this year she is kindergarten age. Even though technically I don't have to stress, I am! Let's hope I can teach two at a time and keep one other one entertained. Sure to be more news next week.


Sabrina said...

Hi, Amy! It was so good seeing you and talking with you today. Your children are so beautiful! I forgot to give you our blog address. It is By the way, I didn't mean to "not" invite you to play with us on Monday (of course, you are certainly invited), but I figured that you wouldn't want to make the long drive again so soon. :)

Sarah said...

Hey Amy! I didn't realize you'd adopted - or had 3 kids! Do you guys live "here" (for some reason I thought you lived in N.GA)

Anyway, glad that the adoption is completed, all three kiddos are beautiful!

I see Sabrina has already found your blog, I was going to direct you to hers since they're in the process of adopting.

Yep, my little girl is almost 14 months old. :) Life changes, doesn't it?!

It was good hearing from you! My email hasn't changed, if you have my (very) old one!