Friday, July 18, 2008

The worst blogger!

So I am the worst blogger in all the world. Yesterday, the kids and I traveled to my hometown to visit with friends. By the time I made it home, one of my friends had already posted about our visit and the other was soon to follow. So now it is my turn. We had a great time with Robbie, Sabrina and all of the kids. It was quite a mix with 7 kids 7 and under plus Robbie's three teenagers in and out. To add to that was the fact that the kids had heritages from all over Asia (Japan, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines). We had a really great time visiting and catching up as well as sharing adoption stories.
Today Grace, Samuel and I took Blake to Macon to meet up with Jim. The two of them were going to a Braves game. Blake was then going to spend the rest of the weekend with Jim and his unit. I know this is a very exciting time for him, but I tell you it's putting me on my knees. As I was dropping him off I told Jim to "take care of my boy." He then gently reminded me Blake was his boy too. I do have a couple of pics on my phone Jim sent so when I figure out how to transfer them I will.
The last of the NT families will be traveling this week. This makes me both happy and sad. I am glad to see the children brought home, but so sad to not be able to send pics directly to the nannies. I pray adoptions will open back up soon. Wow, this has been a pretty long post. Maybe pics tomorrow.


Sabrina said...

Not the worst all by yourself! I am pretty bad at it myself. Oh, well, life gets busy, and I get sidetracked. It's ok!

Julie said...

There's actually three more families waiting to travel to NT. All three of us are just waiting for I-600 preapproval and then we can hop on a plane to get our boys. We'll be sure to post on the forum when we are going if you want to send pictures of Samuel.