Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Football Season!!!

Okay, so football season is in full swing and that means the band is too. So far our team has not lost a game! Woo-hoo, state championship here we come. However, this also makes for a very long band season and guess who has been tapped as the flag instructor!? ME!!! Okay, it has been years since I even held a flag much less did a routine. Now I have to make up a routine for seven girls to perform in a little less than two weeks. It's short notice because the former instructor has been out. To top it all off the songs are classical stuff like Beethoven's 5th and Farondole (sp?). Needless to say this has been a very long two days! I guess if my husband's love language is acts of service he really knows I love him!

The kids have really enjoyed it. They always love going to Daddy's band practice and now they get to go everyday for the entire practice. Samuel of course has found the dirt area and has been black each evening. Not much else to report. We go this weekend for the final social worker visit. I am praying we can get up there and back b/c they say Atlanta has been short on gas. It will sure be a long walk home if not! Robbie, you and Stan keep your phones close in case we have to call you to come pick us up. HaHa!

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Jill and Andy said...

Band and Color guard are my favorite!!!! My little sister is in marching band and Layne Nhi has loved going and cheering for her and them!!!
I hope things worked out with color guard! that was my niche in high school- along with Winter Guard and competing in WGI- love, love, loved it!!!! Have fun with it!!!