Sunday, September 21, 2008


Well, we went fishing today. This was Samuel's first time fishing and he enjoyed it. That is until he was looking at a fish in the bucket and it flapped. The kid jumped back 2 feet. He is so afraid of any animal, even our sweet white bunny that roams the block and comes home every day to be fed. The kid screams bloody-murder when the rabbit is around.
However, I have found he is fearless in other areas. A few weeks ago I was moving hay for my dad and Samuel loved driving the tractor with me. Then this weekend we were at a skeet shoot and he had no problems shooting. This really excites me because my two boys will be a great help for outdoor stuff.
I will post a picture later, but Blake caught the only fish we got today. This also meant he had to learn to clean it. Even though he has "helped" before, this was his first time really doing part of it. Not much else going on.


Sabrina said...

Don't you just love fishing this time of year? Share pictures soon. I bet they have grown so much since we saw you earlier this summer.

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Thought of you recently, and Sabrina, and Theresa. Thanked God for allowing me to be part of all of your lives!