Monday, November 3, 2008

My cup runneth over...

Well here is my thanks for today... Thank you God for the blessing I received 8 years ago. He has been such a wonderful child who has truly blessed my life. My "baby" (the first one) turned eight today. It is our custom that on your birthday I rock you to sleep. This allows me to continue cuddling my children even as they grow up and gives me a chance to reflect back on all those nights I rocked them as infants. I sing and rock and just thank God for the wonderful gift He has given me. I have found out my children look foward to it too. Tonight I was still at the hospital with my dad and Blake call's "Momma, how much longer?" I told him to get my seat warm I was coming home. He was so excited when I walked in the door. I pray my children are always that excited to spend a little time with their momma.

An update on my daddy. The doctor says he will be there a few more days to treat the diverticulitis. He has also asked a couple of other docs to step in and check on him. One came in tonight after I left and is more concerned with the swelling in his leg. It is really swollen, red and warm. They have done a sonogram and hopefully we will know more tomorrow. Please continue lifting them up in prayer.

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Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Prayers for you and your daddy. Blessings to the birthday boy!