Saturday, January 31, 2009

Savannah, GA

This past week we spent a few days down in Savannah with Jim. He had his annual music conference and the kids and I roamed the town. Thursday we dropped him off and headed to the Mighty 8th Air Force museum. This museum is dedicated to the Mighty 8th and their work during WWII. The kids really enjoyed looking at all of the planes. That night we took the kids to see the "The Greatest Show on Earth." It was a suprise to the kids and let me tell you they had a blast! The clowns were funny, the tigers intimidating, and the music was wonderful!

Once while we were watching the girl twist herself up in rope at the top of the building, Samuel asked "Is that a monkey?" Too funny. And my fashion guru who is ever mindful of modesty let me know several times when the girls had on outfits that showed too much skin. Let's just hope we can keep this up when she's a teenager. And those tigers!!!! Oh my goodness. One got a little disobiedent and was pawing at the girl. I got a little worried.

Friday we walked the streets of Savannah. The kids had their maps and we just walked around exploring. That afternoon one of Grace's little friends was released from the hospital down there so we all went out to eat that night. We looked like the circus! We had three adults and 6 kids (5 which were 2-8).

Saturday was a slow day. We did have lunch at the famed "Pirate's House." It was okay, but I don't see all the hype. Oh, well. Sunday was baby dedication and since it was Sam's first year with us we dedicated him. The kids all looked cute dressed in their outfits.

Oh one other cute thing. My brother works down at the port in Savannah building cranes, and so now all the cranes we see the kids say they are Uncle Brian's. Well, now Uncle Brian has moved to owning ships. We were watching one of the large shipping vessels come down the Savannah River headed to the ocean when Grace piped up "There's one of Uncle Brian's boats." So Uncle Brian, where's the money? =)

Grace posing with her cup at the circus.

The Vietnam Memorial in Savannah.
(Hey how do I rotate pics?)

Whoa this is BIG!

My sweeties all snuggled in for the night.


Sabrina said...

Great post, Amy. I am so glad you had a nice weekend. The kiddies look great!

Jill and Andy said...

Sounds like so much fun! The kids are too precious!!!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

I love the Mighty 8th Air Museum, and I know someone who was at the circus in Savannah, and I love walking the streets of that city.
I know you had fun,

Sarah said...

Great pics - glad the weekend was nice.

Congrats on the one year adoption anniversary!

You have to rotate pics before you upload them (how you do it depends on the program you're using, but it's easy peasy.). :)

Did you get my email with the Journey To Me info?