Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For Sale:

So the housing market is depressed, but we get the idea to put our house on the market. This is house number 4 in 9 years of marriage, but what's one more =) Anyway, we have decided that even though this is my dream home (100+ years old, wood floors, wrap around porch...) it still has entirely too many fix-up areas. The yard is huge with 5 pecan trees, a real red barn and within about 500 steps of Jim's school! So why are we doing this again? We have decided that we want to downprice ourselves a bit so we can save money and do the traveling we want to do. We want to visit Japan, of VN again and hopefully adopt more international children. I have been the most torn about this house than any of the other three. I know I will miss it greatly, but I do look foward to being able to see more of the world with my family.

In other news (only slightly related to the former): Jim's school system is trimming their budget by $1 million between now and July and another $1.4 million next school year!! That is a lot of money. This does make us step back and say "Hey, how can I make myself more valuable!" Anyway we do hope to still have a job next year or even the year after.

Today Samuel went to the dentist. We have one more trip before we are finally finished. He has done so well with all the stuff. Today they filled the little gap between his two front teeth. Now I don't look like a negligent parent who never brushes teeth (until he opens his mouth) HeHe! Okay I have included a couple of photos to mark our upcoming (Saturday) one year anniversary. The first one is a shot we got while he was still in VN. I think the pic is about two years old. The second one was taken over the summer on our trip to Bama. Wow at the difference a little love and comfort from two parents can make. Enjoy.


Laura said...

We're big movers around here too - probably a function of the fact that my father-in-law is a real estate broker. We've also purchased 4 homes in 9 years of marriage, but are determined to STAY put in this last house... at least until the kids are grown.
I also have to say that those two boys are just the cutest! We fell in love with Samuel and Alex when we were in Vietnam. I think we may have even taken the picture you've posted here, which would have been May 13th or 14th, 2007. I'm so gald that they now have such wonderful homes!

tina said...

Just checked your blog. Didn't expect to see Samuel and Alex together but it made me smile! We buzzed Alex's hair off this weekend and it made me thing of Samuel. I'd noticed in one of your pictures that his hair was a bit longer and I was wondering if he had a buzz now or longer hair. Alex still talks about "Tam".