Thursday, March 26, 2009

Okay, I have been informed that I am slacking in the blogger department. So sorry, but my life seems very mundane. However, here is a quick update. The termite guy came and finished his work. Another fellow here in town has come and looked under our house and given us an estimate to do a little work under there. This was great because his estimate was much less than we had anticipated. He starts work next week. Another guy is supposed to come by some time and give us a price for another job here at the house. I know once we put this money into the house someone will want to buy it :( And as much as I will miss the house I know that we need to sell it in order to become debt free (Unless God drops a wad of cash here.)

On a brighter side, we now have a new superintendent. He and his children are musicians. That may not be much to some, but it helps calm my nerves a little. I feel like this will mean that he will cut other things before cutting Jim entirely. We are still looking at a big pay cut, but I am just trusting God!
The kids are doing great. Blake is spending this weekend with my mom. It is her first craft show without my dad and Blake feels it's his place to step up and help her out. He is so worried about her being sad. Wow, at 8 he is sure a great guy. Grace's new thing has been weaving with her little pot holder loom. She is really getting pretty good. Samuel's just a wild little buck. He is so cute though. Anyway, that is a peek into our mundane lives. Here are a few pics.


Tina said...

Great pics! I'm glad you posted. I've been missing your posts.

Anonymous said...

Ok...see I'm not the only one that have missed your post. Thanks for updating! Great pictures!!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Okay, if you sale the house...and are debt free...are you moving??

Josie-Tatum is reading every word I type.

How sweet of Blake to look after your mom. He is at such a special age. When Mr. R.T. Conner died, Caleb was in second grade. He worried often about Mrs. Conner. When we went on vacation, we were standing at the edge of the ocean and his voice trembled when he asked, "Mama, who's looking after Mrs. Conner while we're on vacation?"

Encourage him to keep that big heart!!!