Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break!!!

It is finally here! We have taken off and are hiding out! Not really, we are visiting my in-laws and enjoying not doing the hectic everyday stuff. We plan on staying here until Wednesday. Then Friday we have some pretty exciting plans. Jim and I are going to a foster/adoption orientation. This is a new adventure for us and we are going to see where God leads us with this. Of course I have it all planned out, but just waiting to see if it's His plan.

There has been no new developments on our house. Billy is supposed to come today and start work underneath the house. Oh, Robbie, you asked if we would be moving. Well, our plan is to stay in or around T.C. We may find another house here or we may move out close to mother. The cows take lots of time and energy and it would be nice if I were closer to them in order to give it all it needs. There again, we are just waiting for God.

So you guys know what we are doing for spring break, but what about the rest of you? Any big trips planned?

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about my exciting weekend. This weekend Blake and I helped my mom out at the Dogwood Festival. Well, we kept seeing clouds all day but everyone assured us that it would pass us. And sure enough all day the rain held off. Then around 5ish a cop went around telling folks that a storm was about 15mins. away and it was packing 60mph winds. Well, we run around like crazy people trying to tie stuff down and prepare for the wind. Finally we get it all secure and jump in the van. Then the rain begins and soon the water rises. When there was a small break in the rain, I jump out of the van into the water and wade to our booth. Luckily most of the stuff is dry so I pack it up quickly because another wave is coming thru. The lightning is getting more frequent so I high tail it back to the van.
A little while later I notice the water getting close to the door of my van. So I get out and move it to higher ground. Back in my moms van we wait. The water recedes and we think it's going to be okay. Wrong! Here comes more rain. This time, it completely covers the road and we sit and enjoy watching coolers and such float down the road. Then my mom opens the door to her cargo van and we see the water is almost to her door! So off we go moving her van to where mine is. Oops the water is rising there and back to the top of my running board. So we move both vans to even higher ground. We try to settle in for the night and just pray we don't float away.
It was really an amazing adventure. At one point I was wading thru the water carrying a trash bag full of snacks I had rescued from our tent. My pants were rolled up and I had on a poncho. I felt like I should be on CNN or something. Like the folks you see leaving there homes during a flood. As "fun" as the adventure was I don't want to ever have it happen again.


Tina said...

Hope you enjoy your spring break. Good luck on the incountry adoption. We went that route and it didn't work out for us. Arkansas has some big issues they need to resolve. Hoping GA is much more organized.


Jill and Andy said...

Anxious to hear about your adoption plans!!! We are in Charleston SC for spring break this week!!!!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

We're hanging around here for spring break. I need some dull, boring days. ;)
Love ya',