Thursday, April 9, 2009

Play Ball!!!

Okay, so I know it has been a while. My computer is going on the blink. Usually I get about 5 good minutes on the net before it kicks me off. This is why I have not posted much. I tried over the weekend to post but couldn't so here it is. The kids started their ball games this week. Samuel and Grace are on the same t-ball team. Let me tell you that kid has some great talent! He can really whack the ball. Of course stopping a grounder is not a problem because he is always in his little Asian squat! Grace is doing better this year with not talking to her teammates. However, in great 6 year old spirit she slides everytime she chases a ball.

Blake is doing really well also. He is a great fielder and is improving on his hitting. One thing that has really impressed me is his maturity. His games and practices fall on Wednesday alot, but he has decided church and God are more important. He even wanted to forgo practice for revival!

In other news. The guy, Billy, has been working on our house for the last couple of weeks. He has done a lot of minor things that just needed to be done. It has really made a difference to me. We also had three older gentlemen stop in the other day. They were out looking at the house so I went out to talk with them. They were trying to locate the "old home place." They had a couple of pictures and it looked very similar to our house. One of them even mentioned buying the house if it was their old home place.

I guess the biggest news of the week is that it is mine and Jim's 9th wedding anniversary! Woo-Hoo!!! Let me tell you this has not always been the easiest decision to live with, but it is definately the best!! I mean you talk about favor, I must have found favor with God when He brought us together. Either that or He pitied me something awful because Jim is the greatest. (Except when he forgets his wife and leaves her stranded. Another story for another day.)


Sabrina said...

I wish I had signed my kids up for spring ball, but apparently we were in the Philippines when they signups were. Oh, well... Looks like they are having fun!

Happy 9th Anniversary! We will celebrate 10 in May. It's hard to believe.

You need to take some pictures of your house. I am curious!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! She found her way back to blogger world! Ha!Ha! Happy Anniversary!! My anniversary was also this week on the 8th! Just a week to celebrate. Do I need to send the bus this weekend!!!??? Tell Grace to be ready in her Easter attire!! Have a great weekend! love Heather C Donaldson

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Happy, 9 years....Love the photos!

Tina said...

Glad to see new posts and especially to see new pictures. We're foregoing t-ball this year and starting next year. With Joseph graduating and stuff I decided it was best we focus on his last year of BB and his graduation. But oh next year just wait for the two Cornelisons to step up to bat!