Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Happenings

I thought I would share what Grace recently wrote on our school board. It was so cute it didn't want to ever forget. I love it when kids write things in their own hand. Here it is: MAe frsT AT HTe StAKe Pork AT 3:00 A CLOC GrAcE WiL HAVe A PrD. Translation: May first at the state park at 3:00 Grace wil have a party.

In other news: Jim's school found out yesterday that their principal is being moved to the other high school. This really comes as a hard blow. Their system has just gotten a new superintendent, but in my opinion he's not off to a super job. What's really bad is that the principal was asked to consider the job several times. Each time he declined stating that he was happy where he was. Then boom, sorry, you're going anyway. It will be interesting what other changes he has planned.

Last night was Jim's spring concert. It was really great. He paid tribute to Coach Bonds and Mr. English (assistant and pricipal) I happened to be sitting between their wives and didn't think I would make it through Jim's little tribute. I know my make-up ran. It was fun to watch Coach Bonds' son play the quads. See he has CP and is not into sports like his brother and sister. However band is his passion and boy can you tell it. He did an excellent job, but this just added to my tears.

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