Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Weekend

Well it was a beautiful weekend here in south Georgia. The sky was clear and blue with an ever present breeze. Jim and I chose this weekend to do a little cleaning in the yard. We have a pecan tree along our border that had some other small trees and brush growing up around it. We thought we would tackle that and clean it up a little. We worked all day and still not quite thru, but my help ran out of steam. It's at times like these that I realize what an age gap we have.
See when I was packing my first box of Crayolas and my Kindermat, Jim was packing his clothes to join Uncle Sam on the high seas as a member of the United States Navy. Life went on and when I graduated high school I met Jim. I was 18 and thought he was 23 or so. I didn't find out he was 30 until I had fallen in love!!! By then age didn't matter. But now he has reached that first hill in life 4-0 and as soon as we got to the top it has been down hill.(HaHa) He is just falling apart. It will most likely be another couple of weeks before he finishes the project. His back hurts, his knees hurt and he just can't do much.
Recently, his best friend turned 40 and I warned his wife that by Monday he would fall apart. Sure enough he called Monday afternoon to thank us for the gift and to let me know he had already used the 6pk. of Back and Body Excedrin. So this is a warning girls, when you get all googlie eyed at that older guy, remember he will collect Social Security about the time you reach 50. However, if you are like me that won't matter much as long as you can sit hand in hand at the retirement village and rock away the evenings. Hey that's a plus, I get to go to the assisted living facility sooner and have someone else do all the cooking and cleaning! (Ha ha ha) Really I love my man and appreciate all he does for me.

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