Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So summer has begun for us. Jim is finishing his post planning this week and then we will begin our fun time. We have a fairly busy summer, but not as busy as some. For the first couple of weeks we will hang out around the house. Then mid-June we are planning a trip to Tulsa for VN weekend. This is an exciting trip. I will finally get to meet some of the folks I have known via the web. This will also be pretty exciting for the kiddos as it will be their first plane ride. My only worry is that Samuel may think we are taking him to VN. This will be his first ride since he came home. Please pray for safety and sanity as this will be a solo parenting trip. Jim will be in Jekyll Island with the National Guard.
At the end of June Jim will complete his two weeks of summer duty. This will mean the kids and I will most likely be taking several mini-trips so that I can retain some sanity. After the 4th we will both begin planning and working towards next school year.
In other news Grace has lost her first (and second) tooth. Monday night we got the first one and then today she lost the second one. She was so very excited. It was like a rite of passage for her. She looks very cute with her gap.
Hope everyone is having a great start to summer. Hope to see lots of my readers in Tulsa.


Sabrina said...

Have a great summer! I am looking forward to some down time.

Your blog looks cute, but the red text is kind of hard to read. Thought you might like to know!

Love ya!

Lisa said...

See you in Tulsa!