Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th

Sorry, no pics. I was too busy ooohhhing and aaahhhing to take pics.
Happy 4th to all. I am proud to say my hubby has served in active duty and is still serving in the reserve. He is truly my hero.
Today, the oldest two were off with Granny so Sam and I hung around the house until after lunch. Then we decided to go over and help the English crew do some unpacking. After a couple of hours we came home to prepare for dinner and fireworks.
Every fouth my uncle and cousin put on a fabulous display at our clubhouse. So we loaded up and went out there for dinner and then the show. People from all over come out to see it. This year's show was 45 min. long and they added music with it. The display was great! The kids have a great time because all the people from around come out and the kids get to play together in the field. It's nice to have the fellowship and fun without crowds.
I hope everyone else had a great 4th!


Sabrina said...

Where are the pictures??

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

How cool is that....a family fireworks display.

I'm proud of your husband, too!