Monday, August 17, 2009

My funny man...

Well, this morning Samuel was going to fix his own breakfast. He wanted PB&J and I didn't bother arguing. So he gets out the bread and peanut butter to begin his work. I said, "Do you need some help." "No, I did this in Vietnam." (What!?!? Struggling to keep a straight face.) "Oh, really. Were Momma and Daddy there?" "Yeah, we went to the hoootel." (His pronunciation.) So my wheels begin to turn and I think, well maybe we did let him spread jelly or something. Then he says, "I'm old enough to drive in Vietnam." Oh my!!!! I don't believe his driving would cause any more confusion than what is already present, but I don't think he is quite old enough. He is so funny and I am glad we can talk openly about Vietnam, even if it is somewhat of a far-fetched reality.

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